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About Canary

Globalizing Japanese technique and service.
Beautifully maintained fingertips are an important part of leading a radiant lifestyle.
We provide an elevated experience and beautiful results with our world class Japanese techniques.
Get pampered and feel beautiful. The team at Canary are here to cater to your needs.

Our Mission

  • To provide you with the utmost care in a speedy manner
    We value your time and aim to provide high-quality care and finish in a speedy manner.
  • To cater to your preferences and offer nail designs to match your individual style
    We value your individuality. We stock nail magazines and design samples, but also welcome photos and images of your preference. We will cater to your design needs as much as possible.
  • To provide long-lasting finish with the utmost care for your nails
    The key to long-lasting nails is to provide the best technique for individual nail types and conditions.
    For soft-gel, we prepare the nails in a safe manner by buffing the nails for a matte surface.
    At Canary, we strive to protect your nails by mitigating harsh treatments.
    We also take care of your cuticles.
    Please be noted that the preparation time for your nails is longer than the actual painting process because well prepared nails will lead to beautiful results.
  • To introduce the latest trends
    Because our salon is located in Central, Hong Kong, we cater to customers from all over the world.
    We promise to consistently bring you the freshest styles and ideas by staying ahead of the latest global trends.
  • To provide complimentary nail repair within one week of your appointment
    We provide the highest level of care for your nails. However, in the case of nail extension breakage or gel peeling in the course of normal daily wear, we will provide complimentary nail repair within one week of your last appointment.
  • To provide highly advanced eyelash design technique in a safe environment
    Your eyes make a lasting impression. Subtle changes to your eyelashes can create a whole new look.
    Safety is our top priority. We provide a safe and comfortable environment and only use “Made in Japan” products. Our highly skilled technicians, trained in Japan, will provide personalized consultation in order to customize the best eyelash design for you.