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While it’s often believed that nails are made of calcium due to its hard characteristics, nails are actually made of protein, like the human skin. Just like your skin, nails need moisture.
If nails get dry, they are more prone to cracking.
It’s important keep your nails moist — wear dishwashing gloves when doing the dishes. If your nails get wet, make sure to apply moisturizer.
Simply use your hand cream to keep your nails moist too.
Make sure to keep the cuticles moist. If your cuticles are dry or not maintained properly, your nails may grow unevenly.

Poorly cut nails and dryness cause brittle nails. Nails have 3 layers and it can easily peel from impact. For example, cutting your nails using an average nail clipper can cause damage and peel a layer of your nails, resulting in brittle nails. You can prevent brittle nails by smoothing out your nails with an emery board.
When filing your nails, make sure to file in one direction and use cuticle oil to keep your nails moist.
Cuticle oil will keep your nails and skin around the nails moist and soft. Please apply cuticle oil when you wake up in the morning, after lunch, before you go to sleep, and whenever your cuticles feel dry.
Cuticle oil is available at Canary. We offer a variety of scents and colors — why not stock some at your home and office?

Have you ever experienced nail ridges?
Our customers have encountered them too. Abnormal amount of water retention during the nail growth stage can cause nail ridges.
Nails can get dry and it’s important to moisturize them frequently.
When nail ridges get worse, your nails are prone to cracking vertically. Aging = decline in water retention and thus it’s important to moisturize them.


Square shaped nails are squared off at the corners and are best for long nails.
Because of the squared edges, it’s not recommended for active lifestyles.


Squoval shaped nails are square shaped with rounded corners. Because of the rounded corners, it’s less likely to chip


Round shaped nails are curved at the corners and are the most natural shape.


Oval shaped nails are egg-shaped and slightly more pointed than round shaped nails. Oval shaped nails elongate the fingers.

Nails will generally grow at about 0.1mm per day for healthy adults. The rate of your nail growth will peak at around age 20 and slow down in your 50’s. It’s generally said that nails will get thicker and grow slower as you age.
Toenails are thicker and grow slower. Nails grow faster in the summer than in the winter.

In a questionnaire answered by 230 men, 79.2% said painted nails leave a positive impression and the most popular color was pink gradient nails. Second most popular was single-color nails, followed by French manicure.
To impress men with your nails, we recommend an elegant look by choosing natural colors that match your skin tone.

In a questionnaire answered by 230 men, 80.6% of men answered that they “like” painted nails. Reasons given were: “I appreciate women that take care of their nails,” and “women with well-taken care nails give a positive impression.”

1. Long nails:those with long nails are romantics and have big imaginations. They may be a perfectionist and have type-A qualities, but also detail-oriented and well-liked by others. Their weakness is that they are easily affected by others.

2. Wide nails:those with wide nails are theoretical and have short tempers. They are very straightforward and well-respected. However, they care too much about being right or wrong and may get into arguments with others.

3. Round and egg-shaped nails:those with round shaped nails are optimistic pacifists. They avoid conflict and can get along with all types of people. They are sometimes too easy-going, which can lead to being late to appointments.

4. Square shaped nails:those with square shaped nails are serious, patient, and have leadership qualities. However, their obstinacy can push people away. Being more flexible will improve their leadership skills.

5. Triangular or reverse triangular shaped nails:those with this nail shape have genius qualities and can come up with unique new ideas. They can also have type-A personalities and be overly sensitive.

6. Almond shaped nails:those with almond shaped nails are honest and caring. They are humble and well-mannered. However, they are not patient and may be short-tempered. If this is you, when you feel stressed, take a deep breath to avoid sticky situations!

7. Sword shaped nails:those with this rhombus-like nail shape are ambitious and will work endlessly to achieve their goals. Their passionate characteristics often attract others to work hard with them. However, they are not cooperative and may be bad at teamwork.

If your nails are not all the same shape, the nail shape that stands out the most will reflect your personality and your other nails may reflect other sides of your personality. Wouldn’t it be fun to check out your friends’ and loved ones’ nail shapes?