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Eyelash extensions.  How to achieve a natural and cute look.


Taking care of your eyelash extensions

Use non-oil cleanser specifically designed for eyelash extensions. While oil cleansers are popular, it may lead to your extensions falling off. At Canary, we carry non-oil cleansers — please ask our staff for details.

Types of curls for eyelash extension

There are several types of curls.
CC-curl is the curliest followed by the C-curl, and the least curly is J-curl.
You can get different looks by changing the curl type. By placing large C-curl lashes above the pupil and wide J-curl lashes at the outer edge of your eyes, we can achieve a cute look for your eyes.

The best length and thickness for your extensionsThe best length and thickness for your extensions

It’s important to wear extensions that match your eyes. Extensions that are too long and thick could be too heavy on the eyelids.
Recommended length: 1~3mm longer than your natural eyelashes. *Longer extensions may not hold as well due to small bonding surface.
Recommended thickness: for those with thin lashes, 0.1mm is recommended, while 0.2mm is recommended for those with thicker lashes.

Finding your favorite eyelash design。

Mixing different lengths and thicknesses and adjusting the placement of eyelash extensions, we can achieve different designs and looks for your eyes♪
Find the right design for you by consulting our eyelash design professionals.

5 key points for maintaining eyelash extensions

Maintenance basics
Do not touch the extensions. Fight the urge to touch them!
Use an oil-free cleanser
Gently wipe off any moisture around your eye area
To avoid ruining the curls of your extensions, don’t sleep with your face down
Maintain your extensions by using coating sealant or serum
This is all you need to do to properly maintain your extensions!

Mascara for your extensions

It’s important to avoid wearing waterproof mascara.
We recommend film-type mascara that can be removed with warm water.
Our salon carries mascara specifically designed for extensions.

Brushing your extensions

Just like you brush your hair, we recommend brushing your extensions daily.
While each eyelash extension is fixed to one natural lash, they may get tangled, curl in different directions, and get messy from daily wear and tear and cosmetics. Brushing your eyelashes after you wash your face in the morning and after putting on makeup will help maintain your extensions in good form.

Do you know your eyelash growth cycle?

Just like your hair, your eyelashes go through different stages of growth during its natural cycle. Generally, the growth cycle is 30 to 100 days and a few lashes will fall out every day. Those lashes may not grow back immediately, but other lashes may start to grow in, depending on its growth stage. As a result, even if you lose several lashes in a single day, it may not be apparent.